Bimbo passes the parcel

Today I woke up with a news story that left me really surprised: Bimbo passes the parcel! I never thought to hear this, but it’s true! Bimbo decided to include the dangerous game of passing the parcel in his next party! To better understand why I’m so surprised, just read our initial posts, as Bimbo starts as a clown and Bimbo is preparing his magic showContinue reading Bimbo passes the parcel

Bimbo goes to a communion

Hello! Today Bimbo goes to a communion! As you know Bimbo is the best person you can hire for your events, and communions are not an exception! Bimbo and her friend Anna are able to enliven any event, and proof of this is the multidisciplinary approach of these two friends. See for yourself in our previous posts, as Bimbo starts as a clown and Bimbo Minion Facepainting kids. Continue reading Bimbo goes to a communion

Why to choose Bimbo instead of others

Why to choose Bimbo instead of others? Do you still have any doubts that he is simply amazing? Take a look at this post and find everything you can enjoy when you hire Bimbo for your parties! To better understand why to choose Bimbo, have a look at our previous posts, such as Bimbo starts as a Clown or Bimbo is preparing his magic show. Also, know how to choose a birthday party entertainer in London Continue reading Why to choose Bimbo instead of others

Bimbo’s favourite party supplies

Hi there! Today I’m going to tell you which are the Bimbo’s favourite party supplies! It’s very important we know what party supplies to buy when we have a party, and it will depend on the type of party we are giving. Bimbo has his favourites. Do you know which are? Find out here! Do not forget to take a look at the adventures of Bimbo and his friend Anna, such as Bimbo starts as a clown, or Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike. Continue reading Bimbo’s favourite party supplies

Bimbo’s favourites songs for kids

Hi there! Do you know Bimbo’s favourites songs for kids? Don’t you know yet? We are going to tell you everything! As you already know, Bimbo is a lovely boy with talent to all kinds of entertainment arts, such as magic or clown shows. But there are more hidden talents! He also knows exactly what to do to make kids have lots of fun!  Continue reading Bimbo’s favourites songs for kids

Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike

Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike. He was invited to Paul’s party. It was Paul’s birthday and he wanted Bimbo performed a magic show with his friend Anna. Usually, Bimbo and Anna plan very carefully each show, and this one was not an exception. But they didn’t expect just one thing: the tube strike! Nerves were on edge. Bimbo could not believe he would get late for the first time! Continue reading Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike

Fun games for 8-year-old kids

Hi there! Today was asked Bimbo Fun games for 8-year-old kids! Well, as you know he is a quite perspicacious boy, and everything you ask him, he will certainly do (from facepainting to magic tricks). With Anna’s help even better and she never denies help for Bimbo. So, take a look at what these two friends prepared this time for a 8-years-old kids party entertainment! Continue reading Fun games for 8-year-old kids

Bimbo Minion Facepainting kids

Another surprise for you! Now Bimbo does Minion Facepainting for kids! There is no doubt that Bimbo is a talented boy, and with Anna he is even better! They are the best choice to ensure a party entertainment. They provide magic and clown shows, follow the leader songs and games, bubbles, and much more!  Continue reading Bimbo Minion Facepainting kids

Bimbo’s first adult party

Bimbo’s first adult party? YEY. Bimbo and Anna are known not only among the kids but also, all the adults of the village heard about the success of them. As you know, Bimbo is a boy who has great abilities to all kind of party entertainment, including clown and magic shows, and his friend Anna always goes with him to all of the events. Are you curious to know how was Bimbo’s first adult party? Let’s go!  Continue reading Bimbo’s first adult party

Follow the leader songs and games

Are you ready for a new adventure of Bimbo? Now it’s time for follow the leader songs and games! There is anything better than sing, dance and play? I guess not! Bimbo and Anna have lots of games to bring to your Kids School Discos, and I am sure all the little kids loved to play with them! Are you ready for the new adventure of these two friends?  Continue reading Follow the leader songs and games