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Fun games for 8-year-old kids

Hi there! Today was asked Bimbo Fun games for 8-year-old kids! Well, as you know he is a quite perspicacious boy, and everything you ask him, he will certainly do (from facepainting to magic tricks). With Anna’s help even better and she never denies help for Bimbo. So, take a look at what these two friends prepared this time for a 8-years-old kids party entertainment!

As Bimbo is also a child, he knows what they like, so it was not difficult for these two children to choose the best Fun games for 8-year-old kids. 

In a couple of hours and they had a long list of games to display. The hard part was selecting the best ones to present. Are you curious to know which games they chose? We won’t be lengthening more, see!

Best Bimbo’s fun games for 8-year-old kids


Among the various activities that Bimbo chose, some of them will be familiar to you because they are classic in children’s parties. There are things that really do not change!


Bimbo and Anna love the game of musical chairs. And what child does not like this game?

To make this game you need so many chairs, how many children you will have. Imagine you have 6 children. Place 5 chairs in a circle. Put a music playing. Once the music stops the children should sit in the games for 8-year-old kids musical chairs

The one that does not get the chair exits of the game. Take one chair, and start the music. Continue until you find the winner.

Isn’t it one of the most Fun games for 8-year-old kids?


fun games for 8-year-old kids csi gameCut out strips of paper for each child. You are going to write in one detective, in the other killer, and in the remaining you will write victim. Fold them and mix them.

Each person will choose a piece of paper and ask them to form a circle. The killer will blink the eye to another child. If he is the victim, he will say “I died.” The detective will try to guess who the killer is and when he finds him has to say “You’re arrested.”

The game ends when you discover the murderer. Then just start over.


One of the best fun games for 8-year-old kids is the miming game.

Write in cards the name of characters, animals, things, or anything else that children can imitate. A child picks one of the cards and with just mimics try that the others games for 8-year-old kids miming game

You can use movies, tv series, songs. well, use your imagination for it.


This game is awesome and Bimbo loves it. In fact, there is not only one day he doesn’t play this one in his school.

Arrange the children in line. Start by saying a sentence to the child’s ear which is at one end of the games for 8-year-old kids wireless phone

This child will say the same sentence to the colleague who is at his side, and so on.

When you get to the last, he will say the sentence aloud. Compare the last sentence with the initial. You will laugh at lot with the phrases that will appear at the end of the line!

Did you like Bimbo and anna’s selection? I am sure your little ones will love them all! Do you have any other ideas for fun games for 8-year-old kids? Let us know!

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