best follow the leader songs and games

Follow the leader songs and games

Are you ready for a new adventure of Bimbo? Now it’s time for follow the leader songs and games! There is anything better than sing, dance and play? I guess not! Bimbo and Anna have lots of games to bring to your Kids School Discos, and I am sure all the little kids loved to play with them! Are you ready for the new adventure of these two friends? 

Bimbo always has new ideas to make his days full of fun and joy! He loves magic, clowns, and mostly have lots of fun being perfect in what he does. This time, he was invited to a school party.

Everyone in the town knows Bimbo and Anna, and a school party was not the same without their presence. But what Bimbo prepared for the party? Follow the leader songs and games! best follow the leader songs and games

Bimbo: follow the leader songs and games


Every little kid loves the follow the leader songs and games, and Bimbo knows that. The week before the school party he practised a lot with Anna to everything goes fine.

It’s the party day! Bimbo and Anna are so excited! They arrive at the school and the kids jump over them so happy they are! There are balloons and lots of beautiful decorations on the walls.

Bimbo chooses a space of the party room to start playing. Anna pick up the kids and place them in a circle around Bimbo!

Let’s the party begins! 

Bimbo chooses Peter to be the guesser. Peter is really excited and leaves the room until they choose who will be the leader. Of course, all the little kids choose Bimbo for the first round!best follow the leader songs games

Anna calls Peter to the room. All are with their hands up in the air and they swing their arms up and down. Bimbo starts singing Follow the leader from “Peter Pan”. All kids start singing with him.

Peter is trying hard to realise who is the leader. At the third chance he hit, he found the leader of the first round!

Is there any other game so fun as it? Bimbo chose the best games and songs ever “follow the leader songs and games”. 

They were playing a lot of time and the party was just awesome! There were clappings, kicking motions, jumpings, singing, dancing, and laughs!

Once again Bimbo and Anna well succeeded in their choices and this party was a milestone in the town! The best option for all parties is calling Bimbo to guarantee the party entertainment, and I am sure there is no one better than this boy!

Did you like this Bimbo idea? We loved it so much that in our next school party we will play follow the leader songs and games!

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