Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle

What could I say about Bimbo? He always surprises me. In the today kid’s party, Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle with other children. The fun is guaranteed with Bimbo’s presence, and there is no doubt about it, and today it was a proof of this. To prove what I said just check our previous posts about Bimbo is preparing his magic show and Bimbo passes the parcelContinue reading Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle

Bimbo passes the parcel

Today I woke up with a news story that left me really surprised: Bimbo passes the parcel! I never thought to hear this, but it’s true! Bimbo decided to include the dangerous game of passing the parcel in his next party! To better understand why I’m so surprised, just read our initial posts, as Bimbo starts as a clown and Bimbo is preparing his magic showContinue reading Bimbo passes the parcel

Fun games for 8-year-old kids

Hi there! Today was asked Bimbo Fun games for 8-year-old kids! Well, as you know he is a quite perspicacious boy, and everything you ask him, he will certainly do (from facepainting to magic tricks). With Anna’s help even better and she never denies help for Bimbo. So, take a look at what these two friends prepared this time for a 8-years-old kids party entertainment! Continue reading Fun games for 8-year-old kids

Bimbo and the bubbles

Bimbo arrived one more time, this time learning a new trick. Bimbo and bubbles! The Bimbo, as you know, is a very active boy who likes to learn more and more. Whenever he sees something he likes, he spares no effort to get them done. And in the last birthday party, he saw some pirates doing some big bubbles. Are you ready for another adventure with Bimbo and Anna? Continue reading Bimbo and the bubbles