bimbo started as a clown

Bimbo starts as a Clown

Bimbo is a normal boy. Well, with normal I do not mean he does not have anything special. In fact, he has a gift. And that’s why Bimbo starts as a Clown. He lives in a small town, and he knows everyone in there. He talks to everybody in the street, and he is always looking for something new to do. He has a particular skill that makes him face every day with a challenge in his mind: he can do everything he wants if he tries enough.

Bimbo starts as a Clown Today!

bimbo starts as a clown today

Quitting is not an option, and Bimbo takes his own rules seriously. A few days ago the circus was in Bimbo’s town. He went there with his best friend, Anna. They had a lot of fun, but what impressed him the most was the clown show.

When the show ended, Bimbo could not be more delighted!
“Anna, I’ve decided! I’ll be a clown!”

Anna hadn’t any doubt about it. She knew that Bimbo always gets what he wants. In fact, the bimbo starts clownperseverance of Bimbo is one of his greatest qualities. When Bimbo got home, he could not forget even for a moment that brilliant spectacle. Clowns were falling to the ground, stumbling in their shoes, and those colours … Oh! Those bright colours.

He spent the night turning on the bed. He could not wait until next day to start his plans. His head walked a mile. He had already thought of everything.

As soon as dawned he went out to find Anna. They were neighbours, so it did not take long to reach her. He needed to buy some new clothes and buy the props required to begin his journey.

There is no doubt that Bimbo is a special guy. He put in his head that would become a clown and did not rest until he handled everything. It was not the first time that this happened, but since he watched the spectacle of the clowns he did not rest for a minute.

They reached a costumes store. Bimbo experienced all the clothes that had in there and chose one that was more colorful. In fact, he is beyond sociable, quite extravagant. The Bimbo hates go unnoticed, loves being the center of attention. Perhaps because of that, he likes very much clowns and have decided to become one.bimbo started as a clown

When he was with those clothes Bimbo was sure he needed.
Bimbo starts as a clown today at Circus show.

“Bimbo … How are you going to do this?” Anna quickly realized: “Bimbo starts as a clown!”

So Anne said the last words only had time to begin to run after him. Soon they came to the circus and Bimbo entered the dressing rooms without even asking permission. Anna knew how he was … It could not be otherwise.
Clowns found so much fun to that young man dressed as a clown that they could not say no to him. And here Bimbo starts as a clown.

The show begins. The lights point to the middle of the stage. Clowns enter, and the number begins as usual until a pause in the number is feel. The riffs sound of drums and the lights slide to the cloth which is behind the stage.

Bimbo enters the stage gyrating on the floor, and the whole audience burst out laughing.
It’s unbelievable how Bimbo truly embodies the characters.
The show is the most successful: Bimbo starts as a clown!

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