how Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig Balloon

Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig balloon

Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig balloon for a themed kids party. It is true! Bimbo is so talented that I can also perform balloon modelling at your party or event. Do not you think he is just awesome? Check his other talents, such as magician and clown. It doesn’t matter if you are going to marry, or if you are simply making a birthday party, Bimbo is the perfect entertainer for you! 

If you have been following our blog, then you already know what Bimbo is capable of performing, especially when in the company of his friend Anna. No doubt they are an unbeatable team regarding the liveliest of parties and events. Then if we talk about children’s parties, there is no one better than them!

So, again, Bimbo and Anna were invited to do the animation of a party, this time, a themed party. The theme was the Peppa Pig. So Bimbo soon began to think what to do.Bimbo shapes Peppa Pig balloon

Soon Anna realises that Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig balloon. In fact, she knows what he is able to do, and there are no limits for his capacities. Now, let’s check how the party went.

Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig balloon in a kids party


One of the great strengths of Bimbo is his talent to learn things very fast. So soon as he knew what would be the theme of the party, soon began to think what to do.

At first, he thought in the colors would be obvious for decoration. Quickly realized that it would be pink and blue. Thus, he chose a scenario that would be okay with these Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig Balloon

He has chosen to put a light pink cloth behind, with some brown stars. It looks perfect for Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig balloon. 

When children come to the party, Bimbo had prepared some games like musical chairs and follow the leader. Anna taught some very funny choreography too, and the children were very excited for hours.

There is no doubt that even the songs that Bimbo choose are fantastic. He had a fully customized playlist for the party theme, and Anna had adequate choreographies for the age of the guests. This made the party a success!

At the end of the party, so that the little ones could take a remembrance of this great duo, Bimbo shapes a Peppa Pig balloon on the stage of the party! The smallest were delighted!

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