Bimbo is preparing a Halloween party

Bimbo is preparing a Halloween party and we are going to follow all his steps! Are you curious to know what Bimbo will do for his Halloween party? Have a look at this post and find out everything! Also, see Bimbo’s favourites Halloween disguises and Bimbo’s silliest clown sketches. You will have a lot of fun reading them, I can assure you! 

Halloween is coming and Bimbo had to plan a big party with all he is entitled to. With the help of his friend Anna, Bimbo is preparing a Halloween party that will make all bright-eyed! Curious about what he’s up to? See it all here!

Bimbo is preparing a Halloween Party! Find out everything! 

Bimbo is preparing a Halloween party in his own home. For this very reason, he is planning everything so the party is cheap and beautiful.

He told us what he is planning, and we find his ideas just awesome! Curious? Have a look! bimbo is preparing a halloween party with anna


Any themed party has some associated colours. As we are on Halloween, Bimbo selected some colours that will be part of the party decoration: black, purple, orange and white.

He planned to use these colours for tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, vases, and other decorative items.


The Bimbo loves flowers, and for that reason, he could not fail to include them in the Halloween party decoration.

He gave us a great tip to get cheap flowers. Usually, he goes to a fair. You get much cheaper flowers than a florist.

To leave everything in the party theme, Bimbo also has black vases which put flowers.

Another tip is to buy plastic flowers and paint them with spray paint in the colours you want.bimbo-prepares-halloween-parties


For lighting, Bimbo has prepared a decoration with many candles. Obviously, you do not need to buy very expensive candles. It can be those ordinary candles. However, keep attention where you place them. It is not appropriate to put the candles too close to decorations of paper.

The lanterns are also a great idea. Line mayonnaise jars with coloured paper, or else some paint cans and place a candle inside each one!

Paper decorations

Paper decorations are very cheap, and as Bimbo does not have much money to spend, just loved the idea of being able to do funny things with paper.

He made a list:

  • spiders
  • ghosts
  • Garlands of Bats
  • scary silhouettes for windowsbimbo-is-preparing-halloween-party


While Bimbo is preparing a Halloween party, Anna is planning the menu for the party. Here you can choose what you want, just follow your taste and the taste of your guests.

Anna just suggested we use the colours of the theme in food. We can use foods with these colours, or else use food colouring to turn what we want in small pumpkins, bats, or any other terrifying image!

She has on her menu, for example:

  • Sandwiches in black bread
  • Tomato soup
  • Cupcakes with Halloween covers
  • Salads in sliced oranges in pumpkin form

Finally, Bimbo and Anna decided to buy some costumes. Bimbo chose the disguise of Voldemort and Anna the disguise of Corpse Bride. Bimbo is planning to also make best costume contest. Is not it a great idea?

So, Bimbo is preparing a Halloween party, and what about you? Are you already start thinking about yours? Let us know!

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