Bimbo plays some magic tricks this time

Bimbo plays some magic tricks

Are you a fan of magic? Well, then Bimbo plays some Magic Tricks in this article we wrote thinking about you and your taste for magic tricks. Ever heard of Bimbo? Have a look at our previous posts and you will find some great information about him, such as Bimbo superhero facepainting kids and Bimbo’s 5 favourite Disney movies

He is a special clown that has the aim of bringing magic into people’s places in his own way, to maze both kids and adults.

We took our time to bring you some of the basics of his work so that you can understand how his magic works.

Bimbo plays some magic tricks this time

Bimbo plays some magic tricks this time

In order to be a good magician when performing, Bimbo explains, some things that are needed if Bimbo plays some Magic Tricks:

  • You should never explain the secret of the trick, that will take the magic away;
  • You should never perform a trick if it is not rehearsed it correctly enough to perfection,
  • You should also never warn the public about what supposedly is happening during the act – what the magician is doing;
  • And, fundamentally, you should always be polite!

Now that we have looked at the basics, lets us go for a ride in the magic trick road, and have a look at how Bimbo does his act to an audience. Independently of ages, an audience is always an audience when Bimbo plays some Magic Tricks.

First of all, Bimbo requests a volunteer to choose a card from the shuffled deck of cards and look at it, keeping it to himself, and puts the card back into the deck.

When putting the card back into the deck, he picks up the bottom half and tilts it down, so that he can see the underside (the volunteer), and puts the card face down onto the bottom half.

Bimbo plays magic trick

Bimbo looks at the card above the chosen card, being the top half pointed at him, and quickly looks at the underside memorizing this card that is on the bottom. This is the key card when Bimbo plays some Magic Tricks: because the two halves of the deck are placed together, he knows the chosen card is underneath the key card!

The volunteer then proceeds to cut the deck, as many times he wants.

Then bimbo flips cards onto the table, from the top of the deck, onto a face-up stack. When he sees the key card, he notes the card immediately after it, and keeps flipping three to five cards, slowing down, and stopping.

When he stops pulling, he leaves out the card of the stack pulled out, as if he was about to flip it. Now is when Bimbo plays some Magic Tricks: he says to the audience that the next card he flips is the chosen one. He seems that he is about to flip the card on the hand but he magically goes for the stacked chosen card.

Works very well! Hope you enjoy Bimbo plays some Magic Tricks.

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