Bimbo playing in a bouncy castle

Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle

What could I say about Bimbo? He always surprises me. In the today kid’s party, Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle with other children. The fun is guaranteed with Bimbo’s presence, and there is no doubt about it, and today it was a proof of this. To prove what I said just check our previous posts about Bimbo is preparing his magic show and Bimbo passes the parcel

This week Bimbo was invited to a children’s party, but this time had the right to play too! In fact, I am currently looking for him. Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle as if nothing occupy his mind, except entertain the kids attending the party.Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle with kids

With the help of his friend Anna, so the fun could not be higher. She is always beside him, and we can even say that is his counselor or even the voice of his conscience! She is the most “adult” of the two, and so maybe this pair is unbeatable!

Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle: Fun? Always! 


At the party were many bouncy castles to entertain the kids, but the parents of the birthday child did not stop there and hired the best kids party entertainers in the country. Therefore Bimbo and Anna were present there because there are simply no better than them.

In fact, Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle like no other. He jumps, swings his hips, runs behind the other children, plays. Anyway, it’s more a child in the midst of so many others, who knows really enjoy and have fun.

He planned several games to make in the bouncy castles as they played there.Bimbo playing in a bouncy castle

Anna supervised all children as they played, and made beautiful face painting for the children who wanted to have their faces painted. She also led balloons to perform balloon modeling, and it made all the difference when the children began to run to her asking to make swords to play with Bimbo.

Bimbo just does not stop. Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle like he was a guest of the party and the children love him.

In the middle of the party, Anna jumped to the bouncy castle and forgot all the concerns.Bimbo plays bouncy castle

The fun seemed to have no end, and neither the sweets could take the children’s out of the bouncy castle.

Just in time to sing happy birthday they left there, and because the Bimbo also came out, otherwise there would be until now!

So, when you have doubts about the animation of your party, remember: Bimbo plays in a bouncy castle with your little ones!

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