Bimbo passes the parcel party

Bimbo passes the parcel

Today I woke up with a news story that left me really surprised: Bimbo passes the parcel! I never thought to hear this, but it’s true! Bimbo decided to include the dangerous game of passing the parcel in his next party! To better understand why I’m so surprised, just read our initial posts, as Bimbo starts as a clown and Bimbo is preparing his magic show

Bimbo was invited to the animation of another party, and he could not fail to include a new surprise. This time chose the game “Pass the Parcel”.

This game consists of a parcel that is passed from one person to another. And it’s great fun! Curious about how was it? Look!

Bimbo passes the parcel in his party


Bimbo passes the parcel this time! YEY! That’s it! Bimbo chose this great game to make the Paul’s birthday party just unforgettable! Check how he prepared the game!

Bimbo began to prepare the game two days earlier. He bought a little present (a very cuddly key ring) and also bought wrapping paper. As he had many boxes at home of various sizes, he did not need to buy.Bimbo passes the parcel game

Then he began to put the key ring inside a small box. Then wrapped the same box, which was placed in another box a little bigger, and this was also wrapped and placed inside a larger one, and always like this until having a big box.

On the day of the party, everything was planned! In the middle of the party, Bimbo asked his faithful companion Anna to put a song to play. It’s time for Bimbo passes the parcel!

Bimbo arranged all the guests in a circle, sitting on the floor. Anna chose a very fun song for the game to start. The birthday boy (Paul) was the one who started with the parcel at hand. As the song progressed, the parcel was going hand in Bimbo passes the parcel partyhand.

When Anna stopped the music, Rita had the parcel in hand. It was up to her unwrap the first box.

The music continues and the wrapped box back to pass from hand to hand.

At each unpacked box, the enthusiasm grew, and was visible in the eyes of every child the curiosity to know what would be the prize, and who deserved the good fortune to receive it! The game continued until the small box appeared!

Everyone was excited! Finally, the music stopped! To everyone’s surprise, who held the small box was Paul!

The key ring was one of the gifts he received and one of the gifts that more memories bring him! Undoubtedly it was a day quite fun!

What did you think of the idea of Bimbo? Was not it bright? All the guests loved those minutes spent in circle unwrapping the boxes. Bimbo passes the parcel and it is just awesome!

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