best Bimbo Party with a mixed age group

Bimbo Party with a mixed age group

Are you ready for another Bimbo adventure? It’s time for Bimbo Party with a mixed age group! If you don’t know Bimbo then let me tell you he is: a very curious boy who wants to learn everything that sparks his attention and does not rest until he knows what and how to do it. He also had Bubbles, Magic Show, and a Kids Party. He is always accompanied by his friend Anna that lends him a helping hand in every time of need.

His favorite activities are playing a clown and making everybody have fun, do some amazing magic tricks for the little ones or even build a big sized soap bubble maker that everyone would enjoy. That’s why Bimbo is so perfect for Bimbo Party with a mixed age group!

Bimbo Party with a mixed age group: Are you ready? 

His activity as a clown started after he became delighted with a circus that went to his city in such a way, that on the very next day he woke up and did everything to become one.

Clowning is a good choice. If you are looking for a circus type of activity or a clown party, Bimbo is great for it because of his curiosity, creativity, imagination, and Bimbo Party with a mixed age group

With his friend and sidekick Anna, he has everything needed to do his hilarious numbers. He started as a clown because he decided to be one, and put all of his effort into it!

Bimbo is not just a clown, and that’s why Bimbo Party with a mixed age group couldn’t be better! He is also a magician, so he can perform magic shows. Because he is curious and imaginative, he has already done some magic shows for kids and grownups, leaving them amused and amazed.

He has some ground rules about his act like never telling the audience what tricks he is going to perform; never performing and act that he hasn’t perfected yet and always being polite. With his assistant Anna, he performed a magic trick where he turns a cup of water and all the water turns into ice cubes, leaving children speaking about it the whole Bimbo Party with a mixed age group

Because both clowning and magic shows can be done at the same themed party, there are also other things Bimbo can do to amuse everyone present. So, Bimbo Party with a mixed age group is the perfect choice for you!

One time, Bimbo saw a group of people at a party that was doing giant soap bubbles and he immediately investigated to understand how he could build one for himself and to show at children parties that he would be invited to.

So this is just a small number of things Bimbo can do, but because he is a fast and curious learner, there is a whole set of activities he can perform. Just remember one thing: Bimbo works best when his best partner Anna is with him! Bimbo Party with a mixed age group? Of course!

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