Bimbo preparing magic show

Bimbo is preparing his magic show

Bimbo and his friend Anna are back and this time Bimbo is preparing his magic show. Yeah! The clowns have left the city and the magicians appeared. Bimbo (as always!) did not rest until he started preparing his show. Lets see how it goes?

Bimbo is preparing his magic show: Are you ready for it? 

bimbo is preparing his magic show now

Bimbo and Anna went to Circus again. They had a lot of fun, but what impressed him the most was the magic show. The magic had a wand, and he made incredible things.

Bimbo was delighted with it and in the next days after the show he didn’t stop telling Anna: “I am going to be a magician!!”.

Anna already knew what awaited her, more animation, and she offered her help to him. Bimbo would not give up until he learns all those magic tricks.

Bimbo is preparing his magic show, and the first thing Bimbo did was to read books about magic, and he found that to be a good magician he should:

– never explain the secret of his trick;

– never perform a trick if he hadn’t rehearsed it correctly;

– never warn the public about what he is doing in the act;

– be polite.bimbo preparing his magic show


With that in his mind, Bimbo spent a few days training a Simple Card Trick that he is teaching us:

  • First request a volunteer to choose a card from a shuffled deck of cards and look at it, without letting you see it.
  • Then the volunteer should return the card to the deck. With this back in a stack, you should pick up the top half of the deck and tilt it down, so he can see the underside. Ask the volunteer to place the card face down onto the bottom half of the deck.
  • And here is the secret: Look at card above the chosen card. The top half of the deck is pointed toward you. Quickly look at the underside and memorize this card on the bottom of the stack.
  • Bimbo preparing magic showIt will be your “key card.” Placing the two halves of the deck together. You haven’t seen the chosen card yet, but you know it is underneath your key card.
  • Ask the volunteer to cut the deck. To show that you’re not up to any tricks, ask the volunteer to cut the deck. The person may cut as many times as he likes.
  • Flip cards from the deck onto the table: Flip cards from the top of the deck onto a face-up stack on the table. When you see your key card, note the card immediately after it— the chosen card. Keep flipping without slowing down for another three or four cards. Place these slightly offset, so the chosen card is still visible.
  • The audience should think you made a mistake. If you slow down the flipping or show a reaction, it won’t be fooled. When you stop flipping, leave the top card of the stack pulled out, as though you were about to flip it.
  • Reveal the chosen card. Tell the audience “The next card I flip over will be your card.” Hover your hand over the top card of the stack, pretending you are about to flip it over. Move your hand to the chosen card face up on the table, and slowly flip it face down in front of the audience.

And that’s it! Bimbo is going to try the trick with his friend. And you? With who are you trying this? Bimbo is preparing his magic show, and it will be just great!

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