Anna and Bimbo goes to a communion

Bimbo goes to a communion

Hello! Today Bimbo goes to a communion! As you know Bimbo is the best person you can hire for your events, and communions are not an exception! Bimbo and her friend Anna are able to enliven any event, and proof of this is the multidisciplinary approach of these two friends. See for yourself in our previous posts, as Bimbo starts as a clown and Bimbo Minion Facepainting kids.

Peter is a very impish boy and has a group of really fun and energetic friends. Today celebrates his communion and decided to celebrate it with his friends.

Peter’s parents were concerned about the choice of the party entertainment because they are children who need a lot to be pleased.

Staying seated in a restaurant was out of the question, then decided to rent a place with a large garden. There would put the tables with the catering.

But the question remained. Then, after a long talk with other colleagues, they decided to call Bimbo, the only entertainer able to please those boys!

Bimbo goes to a communion: Unforgettable party!


Bimbo goes to a communion, and he was preparing everything in detail, taking into account the degree of difficulty of the proposed challenge.

When Bimbo arrives at the party, he faces 20 boys running everywhere, one behind the other, and parents with hands on head, without knowing what they had to do.Anna and Bimbo goes to a communion

So Bimbo and Anna decide to put their plan into practice. Bimbo began to play music previously selected and lively, and which children know very well.

The kids were soon attached to these two little friends. Then Anna started doing some choreography while Bimbo was enjoying his role of DJ.

When they were tired, Bimbo and Anna have decided to implement the second part of the plan: Facepainting! Yey! Thank God Bimbo goes to a communion! Bimbo goes to a communion party

Paintings of superheroes, pirates, jungle animals, among many others that have left super happy kids! Not only that, Bimbo soon began to fill his balloons and make dogs with them, and some swords too!

It did not take long until the boys began to fight with their balloon swords!

It’s amazing how all children feel so passionate about these two entertainers! Not only because they feel excited but also feel that they are part of the same group, and have fun as much as they in everything they do!

Bimbo goes to a communion and he is a huge success, I can assure you!

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