Bimbo zebra facepainting

Bimbo facepaints a zebra

Hello! Are you ready for a new adventure? Today Bimbo facepaints a zebra! That’s it! He was invited to a kids party with jungle animals theme. As you know, Bimbo is a very talented boy, so he decided to do some facepainting in the event. To know a little bit more about this fabulous party entertainer have a look at all our previous posts, including why to choose Bimbo instead of others and Bimbo Minion Facepainting kids.

Today Bimbo is doing the entertainment of a themed party. They wanted to make jungle animals themed party, so Bimbo decided to prepare some beautiful face paintings.

So, today Bimbo facepaints a zebra! Are you curious to know how? Read on! 

Bimbo facepaints a zebra in a Kids Party 


Do you want to know how Bimbo facepaints a zebra? Take a look and find how to do this easy facepainting. 

Bimbo found this simple facepainting to do, and the kids loved staying with his face to look like a Bimbo facepaints a zebra

In fact, this design is fantastic, either use a fantasy or just get the face paint.

Bimbo always prized by the skin health of children, and so even bought skin-friendly paints and brushes, as well as all other materials that he uses to his paintings.

Mostly paints should be chosen very carefully. This is because many of the paints that we find in common stores contain toxic ingredients to the skin.

For this particular painting, Bimbo took about 20 minutes for each child. This is because it is necessary that all the white paint dries first, and only then can begin to apply the black layer.

For this reason, the Bimbo asked Anna to take balloons to entertain the kids while waiting for the paint to dry.

So, now check how Bimbo facepaints a zebra. 

First, Bimbo bought all the materials to do this facepainting. Check his list.

  • Two foam bowls
  • Face paint, white and black
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sponges of makeup

Now, let’s check how Bimbo performs this face painting.

  1. Bimbo zebra facepaintingFirst, Bimbo poured the paints into the bowls, a colour in each of the bowls.
  2. Now with the child seated on the bench, Bimbo dipped the sponge in white paint and spread throughout the entire child’s face. Here begins the Anna task. While the children waited for the white paint was dry, Anna performed a real show of balloon modelling, creating many animals with balloons.
  3. As soon as dry white paint, Bimbo handles the brush, dip in black paint and begins to draw horizontal lines on the face. He painted these lines with different lengths. So it seems more real.
  4. Finally, Bimbo paints the tip of the nose of children in black.

It was a simply fantastic party. Bimbo, once again, managed to turn a simple party, into an epic party!

It was very fun to see all the kids running around with their faces painted, and the balloon animals in their hands.

Is there anyone better to deal with the animation of your party? Bimbo and Anna are the perfect pair to keep all the fun-filled children. Now that you know how Bimbo facepaints a zebra, why do not you try to make it too?

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