Bimbo and the Bubble

Bimbo and the bubbles

Bimbo arrived one more time, this time learning a new trick. Bimbo and bubbles! The Bimbo, as you know, is a very active boy who likes to learn more and more. Whenever he sees something he likes, he spares no effort to get them done. And in the last birthday party, he saw some pirates doing some big bubbles. Are you ready for another adventure with Bimbo and Anna?

During the birthday party that Bimbo was doing his magic show, there were a few pirates with some large rods doing some bubbles so big that it was impossible Bimbo not be amazed.Bimbo and the Bubbles - a new adventure

As the persevering boy that he is, he decided to research about this subject and do some experiments to be able to do those bubbles as well.

Bimbo and bubbles: How he made them!

First he had to make the rods to help him doing those bubbles. After some experimentation, the Bimbo reached its magic formula.

Bimbo and the bubbles: What he used:

  • Two barbecue sticks
  • Two rope strips

How he made them:

  1. First Bimbo tied a rope to the sticks, one at each extremity of the rope, so that it formed a straight line.
  2. Then, with a longer piece of rope, he grabbed it along the nodes of the first string, forming an “u” on the bottom.

The first part of the magic is done. All that remains is the magic formula for soap the giant bubbles. Are you ready to learn from the Bimbo?Bimbo and the Bubble

Bimbo and the bubbles: What he used to do the soap:

  • 7 cups of water
  • 1 cup of kitchen detergent
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (or 1 teaspoon of honey)

How he made it:

  • The Bimbo mixed all gently. This is because the idea is not too excited to not create too much foam, which can disrupt the game.
  • To the delight of Bimbo, he did not have to leave the solution resting . If you intend to make in larger quantities, just follow the proportions of the recipe.

When Anna arrived Bimbo’s home was faced with a lot of bubbles leaving the balcony window. She knew he would not wait long to begin forming those bubbles!
It was not long until they both ran out completely soaped.

Anna loved Bimbo and the bubbles! It was one of the best days of her life, and that why she can’t be without him!

Well, when they were playing with the bubbles, the rope started to wrap. Bimbo urgently needed a solution.

Did not take long until the Bimbo got a solution to the problem! A simple trick: he simply tied a screw (but could also be a nail) in the middle of the bottom rope. As it gets heavier, it never rolls up when he’s doing those giant bubbles.

The fun is guaranteed with Bimbo and the bubbles!

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