Bimbo was almost late due to tube strike

Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike

Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike. He was invited to Paul’s party. It was Paul’s birthday and he wanted Bimbo performed a magic show with his friend Anna. Usually, Bimbo and Anna plan very carefully each show, and this one was not an exception. But they didn’t expect just one thing: the tube strike! Nerves were on edge. Bimbo could not believe he would get late for the first time!

As always, Bimbo and Anna choose to travel by tube to go to the events. It’s fast, avoid traffic jams, and also contribute to the environment! The two kids worry too much about pollution, so they avoid to the maximum ride in a car, also because their parents can not always go with them!

But this time, it wasn’t so easy! Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike! 

Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike – What is he going to do? 

Anna and Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike

Bimbo left his home early. At 10 am he was already in Anna’s house to go to the party that was going to start at 2 pm. They always leave early to prepare the stage decoration, and of course, to avoid any delay.

But this time, there was no precaution to save them.

Neither Bimbo nor Anna knew that the tube would strike, then went calmly to the Tube station when they came across to dozens of people waiting.

The hours pass and there was no tube that passed by there. Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike! Bimbo was almost late due to tube strike

Bimbo and Anna began to despair. So they decided to stop waiting there. They took the show bags and went to the bus stop. It had to pass one to take them to close to Paul’s house.

The city seems to be in chaos. Traffic was horrible, and all due to the tube strike. Bimbo and Anna just only had an hour to try to come to the party. Buses also seemed not to be working. Or rather, they were running, but certainly were stuck in the middle of so much traffic. Then they took a decision: go on foot!

They couldn’t believe what was happening to them! Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike! 

The sun was strong. Both Bimbo and Anna were not used to walk in the sun for so long, moreover were heavy with the bags! The party was still a bit away. By foot would take about an hour and a half, but they only had another 45 minutes to get there! Then they started running. They had to arrive in time to party.Bimbo was almost late because of tube strike

In Paul’s house, they also were starting to get worried. They had planned all around the theme of magic because of Bimbo. Paul decided to call the Bimbo, after all, Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike! 

Bimbo explained the situation and Paul began panicking. He would never arrive in time for the opening magic trick! It was then that Paul decided to act. He asked the mother to get them half the way. And so he did.

When he reached Bimbo, he was sweaty, Anna could no longer breathe with so hot! Well, they entered in the car and they arrived the party just in time. Bimbo is almost late due to tube strike! Well, al least he was!

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