Bimbo and the bubbles

Bimbo arrived one more time, this time learning a new trick. Bimbo and bubbles! The Bimbo, as you know, is a very active boy who likes to learn more and more. Whenever he sees something he likes, he spares no effort to get them done. And in the last birthday party, he saw some pirates doing some big bubbles. Are you ready for another adventure with Bimbo and Anna? Continue reading Bimbo and the bubbles

Bimbo’s First Kids Party

It is Bimbo’s First Kids Party! Bimbo and Anna are so excited that they were dreaming about it all the last week! Bimbo was invited to perform a magic show on it and, of course, Anna will help him with that. How would it act to so many kids? What are the tricks that they would prepare? Does everyone would like? Are you ready for one more adventure? Continue reading Bimbo’s First Kids Party